Monday, March 06, 2006

here it is March, what a week!

Well, I got lost in the woods, but as you see I did make it back in one piece. My book Anasazi is still out floating around, no word yet. I have been working on another fun bubba story too. Cletus and Brenda Sue have a few more adventures to go. Heard back from Redneck world, they wish to use some of my work in the future. Sounds promising to me, he said it made him smile. Thats all my stories are suppose to do, so I'm doing it right!
Its finnally getting warm out and the daffodils are blooming. Now I don't get to write all day. For now. I still do a thousand or maore a day on my other stories. Well, back to ye ol drawing board. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day. We have fewer days than we think, so never waste a one!
God bless and keep ya guys!
Till another day

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