Sunday, July 16, 2006

Been busy and time got away from me again

So, I was suppose to be working and the kids drove down from No way! My almost 5 year old grand daughter and I grabbed some chalk and decorated the porch and ourselves. So.. when exactly am I suppose to grow up?
Hopefully never!

I did get a few sp[are minutes to write, while she napped. My newest story is set in the 1860's, a bit of civil war and Irish lore all mixed together nicely! Ad a pinch of Indian legend and a mystery that actually happened in Missouri and Theres my story! Since no one ever really solved the mystery I did! So, soon I'll finish it up, which right now I hate to do because I am having just way too much fun writing it. So I keep postponing the ending. Well, its a hot muggy Sunday and I suppose I should get busy! I haven't heard from the publisher for a little while, but all still looks good one my book. I forgot to mention. The first publisher I dropped. they wanted me to completely change it..into something else.. which I tried to do but was unhappy with. Then low and behold a different publisher decided they liked my original idea! So wish me luck!
Have a great day today. Write what you want, when you want and enjoy yourself.
God Bless

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