Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Sorry I have been gone so long, its just way too hot here and well I've been hiding in the woods alot to be cool. I also have almost finished the book I have been working on..whew, edits are tuff! I received another review on my story on Amazon, what a jerk he was, used comments like prosacian writer or some such a thing..sounds like one that Ivan removed from zoetrope not too long ago, oh well...you can't win them all. I hope my Amazon short is doing well, too bad we can't get a counter to see if anyone reads them, maybe its better that way? I would hate to bribe folks to spend 49cents LOL.

I'm thinking of heading north to Wisconsin to set up housekeeping, like I said the heat is hard to take. what a wuss I am! I'm also in about 15,000 words into my next one. "The Wilderness", its progressing nicely too! I noticed a lot of folks on the writers site are gone for the summer, too hard to stay inside on such great summer days..see I am not the only one. Well, I think I'll get going for now..will try and post more often, not that this is a popular stop for folks..but you never know! Have a great week and enjoy life, whatever it is your doing!

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