Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday! what a fun day..

Okay, its great here in the ozarks but I have to tell ya I am sick and tired of theose blood sucking nothing popped outta the spaceships..TICKS!!! man, I can't go in the woods after about 10 oclock or they munch on me the damn vampires! So I did something stoopier than ticks..I bought chickens.. 16 cats 16 chickens. what was I 1 chicken has gotten eaten by a cat..but.. my flower garden is gone. my tomatoe plants are gone. so..which is tell me
ticks or chickens.
There, I whined.. I Hate Chickens!!
no I don't feel better, now I hate 2 things in the world. ticks and chickens, well I do like chickens 1 imperticular way.. FRIED!!
so, have a solution to ticks? have a soultion to chickens? Email me, let me send you a chicken courtesy of the anti kill the chicken league..Is there such a thing? No? Good!
well, gonna run back outside and try to save my MUMS! may be too late..
if it is. I am eating good ole chicken tonight!
Well, so much for a happy Sunday LOL...
save the chickens..??
see you all tomorrow...maybe,


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