Saturday, October 15, 2005

Well, I kinda got behind a tad.

And the last thing anybody needs is some sad, forlorn story why. so let me just get on with life and put some of the stories up I been writing. Oh yeah, before I go too far let me let you know I have been submitting stories! There is one up right now you can peak at on
Its a fun story, enjoy! Well, going to go get a few of them up now. I do hope that eventually somebody stops by and takes a peek. Just for fun. A little bit of words to make you smile today.
God bless ya for looking and here we go.

I just spent the last hour killing. I walked six foot out into the thicket. The sun can't make it though the trees just beyond. I'm not sure what difference this will make, but I had to try. I slashed and gouged and watched as they fell around me. Dead, dieing. I wielded the knife with force and finally I had to stop. Maybe in a few days I'll go back, no ones knows what I did. Maybe in a few days someone will miss it. I doubt it.The Kudzu has taken over my forest.. they must die!!!

so much for me hiking, I swear when I learn how to post pics, you'll belive me!


Anonymous said...
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