Saturday, October 15, 2005

They asked me for a western, under 1000 words,

went over a tad and boy was there trouble..this is an excerpt from my book "Only brothers"
felt the softness of the buckskin against my shoulder, it was like velvet from back east. Like the blue dress I wore the night I met him. I tried not to think of what would happen next, all I can do now was wait."He promised he’d come for me. I have to keep faith, I have too."Suddenly the darkness abruptly ended as someonethrew open the flap of a door that was my prison.“You will come with me now. I have a surprise foryou and my brother when he comes Blonde one!”“But why, why must you kill him? He’s your brother! You chose to live with your mothers peopleand he chose his fathers. I just don’t understand!”Harley could see the smoke in the distance. Somehow he knew that this moment would come. Grey Elk had made it plain that this night would be the end of it. This night one of them would die. The smell of the cedar burning was like a gentle perfume in the cool night air. The big roan Harley rode snorted, smelling something on the wind. Silently slipping from the saddle Harley dropped behind the rocks lining the trail.He could see the outline of the camp from his hiding spot, he could see her silhouetted by the firelight. His brother was taunting him. Daring him to make a mistake, to show himself. Grey Elk was stupid. Harley whispered. There was no way he was going to make any early moves, no matter what. Kayla’s life depended on him keeping his wits, following the plan.Kayla jerked from Grey Elks grasp. “Your hurting me! What do you want from me anyway? He’s not going to just waltz in here to you. You know him better than that> “A evil look crossed the dark face of Grey Elk. A smile that sent shivers of fear through Kayla’s very soul. He pushed her forcefully towards the fire.“He’ll come. You have made him soft. He’s no longer Lakota. He’s of your clan now. A man with no home, no people. You have done this, you have killed him! So Blonde one, how does it feel to kill? Your heart feels this? What will he do when I kill you? You think he’s not out there? He watches. You‘ll see him die first.”The big roan snorted again and pushed Harley against the rocks.“Alright boy, I see him. I know. Shh, lets not give us away just yet. Easy boy.”He slipped the Winchester from its scabbard and checked the chamber. Harley knew not to lock and load yet. The silence of the night was against him. Slowly he moved around the edge of the stone wall and tried to get a better view. Maybe pick him off from here. Grey Elk turned and faced the darkness. “so brother, you come. Why hide? She is here, you can have her. Come now brother, this white mans way is against you. I can smell you brother.”Kayla tried to see beyond the fire. The darkness encompassed them. The eerie glow of the fire cast shadows like evil spirits dancing around her. “Harley! Run, don’t come in! Run!”Grey Elk smiled and slapped her across the face. Kaylas fell backwards landing next to the burning logs.“Very Good Blonde one. Scream again for me.”She rolled over to her knees and looked up at him.“That’s your plan? You can go to Hell! There’s nothing you can do to me, I’ll not say another word!”Grey Eagle reached down and grabbed her hair and jerked. “Get up!”Harley watched as Grey Eagle slapped Kayla’s and watched as she rolled near the fire. Quickly he ran towards the small outcrop of trees near the campsite. Grey Eagle jerked her hair and their voices echoed in the darkness hiding the sounds as he ran. He could see his eyes now, see the glint of eveil shining there. Lost was that brother from so long ago. Lost was the man he had trusted. He tried to remember what had happened. Not now! His mind reminded him. “Ready Blonde one? He is near now. He comes for you. Your Sheriff, your lover!”Kayla knew that if Grey Elk was right she couldn’t turn around she wouldn’t give Harley a reason to rush to her. To rush to certain death. Kayla took a deep breath and spit in Grey Eagle face.“Go to hell!”Grey Elk brought his fist up and smiled. “It won’t work, he’ll come. You will call for him!” His hand slid to the knife waiting in its sheath. The firelight reflecting from the blade as he brought it towards her face. Kayla backed up feeling the heat from the flames licking at her legs. The buckskin dress beginning to burn . Suddenly, without warning the big roan horse galloped towards the fire. The sounds of it’s hoofs pounding like thunder. Grey Eagle turned and raised his knife.The horse brushed aginst him and it sped away into the darkness. The sounds still echoing as it disappeared into the darkness.“”Grey Elk! Step away from her. Move! Kayla back away, get! Now!”Grey Elk grasped her arm even more tightly. His eyes straining to see beyond the light of the fire.“Come now brother. Let us finish this. Let us leave this woman out of it. YThis is between you and me brother.”Grey Elk shoved Kayla away from him. She rolled on the ground, then crawled towards the shadows.Stepping into the firelight Harley dusted off his hands. The blackness of his hair and eyes almost glowing from the dim light. The shiney silver star reflecting from his vest. The Winchester clutched in his hand beckoning for use.“Grey Elk, it’s over. You can’t win. We end this tonight. You have a choice. Get on your horse and disappear. Go back to our people. Forget this day.. I don’’t want to kill you, but I will!”Grey Elk slowly raised the knife. “Today is a good day for you to die my Brother! There is no other way!”Harley could swear he could hear the knife as it made it way towards him. A sound like death slowly calling your name. Then there was the sounds of a gun.. He quickly dropped to the ground and rolled away from the incoming blade. The gunshots echoing around him. He looked back at the fire and where Kayla had been. She stood there in the darkness, the flame of the black powder as it exploded it shell out to it’s mark. The pistol she had retrived from the saddle. Into the chest of Grey Elk. Again and again a bullet slammed into him. Harley walked toward her and slowly took the pistol from her hands."It's alright Kayla. Its over now.”Kayla retrieved the pistol from his hand and held it firmly.“Your damn right it is! Its finally over.”

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