Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Shameless plug

since no one reads this I can go ahead and plug my books all I want.

Go to my website and buy my books! They are fun clean make you laugh sort of books. Well maybe not the Henry; its a book about a ghost who doesn't know hes a ghost 3 lost skiers a trio of murderous brothers and the sheriff who gets caught in it all. a wonderful ghost story!

Rondyvoo a trip through time, literally! I'm sure many of you have attended festivals where folks dress up play the parts of pioneers and all that, well thats what I did for over ten years and this bit of fun has a twist. Real time travelers playing .. well lets not give it all away now shall we.
Go ahead order one on Amazon or ask your library to order it. Lets get some fun back into reading shall we?
Okay now, back to more stories.

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