Saturday, October 15, 2005

What my cat thinks about me...

I watch her sleep, my human. So frail yet so wise. I know that if she stirs she will caress me softly. She will not know what I have done this night, she is content only that I am here. I have protected her sleeping form from evil. Evil Eight legged things that would harm her, not this night, not ever! I know that if she reaches for me, I will be there. For her this is comfort, I can do no more or less for her. I have seen her open the magical thing, the thing that hold such wonderous smells. Smells that send shivers from one end of my fur to the others. A delight to behold and feel.
Tonight she is restless, she moves back and forth, dreams plaguing her. I will softly knead my pads on her chest, softly sing to her. In those few moments before dawn when she is neither here no there, she will come and romp with me. Many times have we languished in tall grass together, played and hunted, in daylight it’s still unknown to her. A dream? Maybe, but a dream she cherishes. I will take her now to play with me, I can nap later through the day. Her comfort and love is what I was sent here for. The creator gave her to me, yes, just me. She sleeps now, a soft smile on her face. Her hand gently touching me again. I sing for her until finally we both sleep. I am hers. She belongs to me. No evil will befall her whilst I am on guard.Purrrrrr.

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