Wednesday, October 26, 2005

They said write a story that you were abducted by aliens

So heres mine, Just a little bit of fun

“I don’t care, take it back! This specimen it completely unacceptable! Get it away from me!”
I smiled at the gray I had no idea what it was going on and on about. “Hey, I let you experiment on me, so what’s the problem?”
I ran my fingers up its long slender arm. I could feel the static discharges as I touched it. It seemed to back away from me. Its eyes were so dark and large. I touched its cheek and my fingers circled it mouth. I guess it’s a mouth.
The gray handed a key to another and pointed at me, slowly backing away.
“If I come back here and It’s still here!! They’ll be hell to pay! Get that creature away from me!”
The smaller of the two gently took my arm and led me towards the door. With a push of a button and a flash of light, here I am.
“Even aliens don’t want me! I hollered as I stamped my foot.

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