Saturday, October 15, 2005

Okay, so I had an urge to write about a lady standing in a lake..maybe its just halloween!

The cool mist of the sea gently encompassed me. I could see what seemed like forever. I knew that he would come. All around me small sea creatures scurried and swam keeping me company. I could feel his presence.Are you here?”The only sound was of the gentle lapping of the sea against my skin.“Terran?”I smiled, he had came. “It is I love. I have been waiting for you.”The morning mist seemed to envelope me. Suddenly the small sea creatures darted away. Apprehension was my only companion.“Fear not my love. It is only the sea water that makes the mist and the fear. Are you sure this is what you want? I can not return again if we leave this place.”I smiled softly. “I am sure, for this worlds hold nothing if it is without you. We should leave before we are discovered.”I felt the warmth of his breath upon my neck and reached to feel his soft gentle hand. Our fingers touched and all fear dissipated.“Come now sweet Terran, a new life awaits us among the stars.”He gently turned me towards him and his soft gentle eyes spoke once again of our love. Forbidden by all except the creator. I held his grey hand in mine and pulled him closer.“I am ready sweet Grey, take the leap now. I am ready.”Suddenly we were both enveloped by a bubble, an invisible force field totally surrounding us.“I can see above and below me, stars like jewels all around us. We are safe and secure is this ship of his. Soon we will begin anew. On a world unknown but waiting for us. My life will finally begin...

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