Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another flash story, true..

They wanted a story about something that scared you, made you think of God.. this happened to me many years ago;
Just finished loading my groceries into the ole V dub when I noticed the oil light flashing. I pulled the tab and popped the hood. Looking around in the front truck there wasn’t one lousy bottle of half used motor oil anywhere. You can be sure if I didn’t need it there’d be three or four just rolling and bouncing about. “Well, it’s not that far home.” mumbling to myself. I just hoped that it wasn’t gonna be my fault if the old engine finally gave out.I decided to take a short cut, cuts about four blocks off the trip. Maybe not a lot, but enough for me. The road curved around to the left and the V dub just chugged along as if it was new. I could hardly believe that the oil light was still flickering. I stopped at the school crossing waiting for the busload of kids to get off, the light flicked again. This time when I finally put it into gear it stayed off. Maybe the stupid light was broken, maybe make a quick pit stop for some sodas.I remember that it was starting to rain, not a lot just misting. The oil light was still off when I parked at the quick stop. Wouldn’t you know it, four other people waiting in front of me and every single one had to get their stupid check okayed. What a bunch of crap. Why didn’t this old lady have everything ready. What a loser.Did you ever wonder why we gripe about what others do then turn around and do it ourselves?Yep, there I stood, out of checks and money too.Embarrassed I apologized and feeling three inches tall slipped in behind the wheel.I was fuming. Why if their stupid credit card machine was working. I think I was making a list by now. Everyone but me was at fault.The oil light flickered again.I was going to have me a heart to heart talk with the guy at the service station. Just why he hadn’t fixed this right? My old man was going to catch it too. What the hell was the matter with him, making me drive a piece of crap like this?It was still four blocks home, me and my short cut.I topped the crest of the hill, just below was the main thorough fare. The traffic was moving pretty fast. One last stop sign, make a right, go two blocks and wallah! Home.I slipped the thing down into second and put my foot on the brake. My foot hit the floor board. I pumped it, three maybe four times. Nothing. Instead of maybe shutting it off, turning the key, my brain quit working. The V dub seemed to speed up. The traffic roared ahead and I was going to head right into it. No way to stop. I little voice, a message? Something just told me, take the side of the road. Aim anywhere but down there!Quickly I spun the wheel to the right. The houses sat on hillsides themselves. The bug tried to climb the hill and began to roll. The voice, in my head whispered, it’s okay. Shhh.For some unknown reason, the drivers door opened. Just as it would have rolled right over. There I sat, in my car being held up by its door. I waited while the motion stopped. The rocking and creaking still echoing in my head. Hurriedly I slipped out and ran behind it and up to the house above. My heart raced, I tried to catch my breath to talk to the lady standing there. She too can’t believe that its parked precariously on the side of the hill.Finally my brain began to work again. The lady was so kind, she offered her telephone to me. She was the very same lady I had just complained about at the store.I called home and tried to explain. He just didn’t get it, I guess I wasn’t making a lot of sense. Maybe my explanation of where I parked the car is what had him so confused.Within fifteen minutes husband was there. He brought a buddy and they parked the big Dodge in front of the bug. Figured it might keep it from finishing it jaunt down the road.Finally they had it righted and running again. They checked the breaks, sure enough. They were fine. The engine oil light never did flicker. I rode home with the neighbor and let Tom drive the bug.All the way I home all I could think of was how I had complained. How I was so angry with what small little things people were doing around me.I was ashamed. Maybe we do have guardian angels. Maybe you have to have the fear of God to hear them. The fear of dying changes everything. At least for me.

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