Thursday, October 27, 2005

A subbing we will go!

Well, I figure if you don't submit you'll never get the words out there. Today and yesterday I submitted about four stories. A couple to glimmertrain, will let you know when the rejection letters arrive and a few others to some mags that were recommended. I'm not one to get disheartened easy, figure every now and then someone will have to like the story. When and if they do zI'll make sure they're not here. so now ya see them now ya don't. Have a wonderful day world. live long and well, you know the drill :o)
God bless!


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Fran Friel said...

Hi Peggy,

Did you work out the html on zoe? I know it's a little tricky at first but it's a skill worth having. Makes blogging more fun, too!

I hope you've had an awesome Halloween!

Nice chatting with you.

Yada Feast