Wednesday, August 31, 2005

This is another bit of the adventures of;
“More of the 76th street Pedal Patrol”

The kids were all asleep, thank goodness. "It's been one of those days." I muttered out loud.
Of course there wasn't much to watch on television, so I thought, just take me a quick dip in the pool. Husband was due home soon, I did so hate this midnight shift.
The poolroom lights were dim, illumininating the water, making it look like the flowed from a deep dark lagoon. I had to remember to maybe talk him into some under water lights sometime.
It was almost eleven, maybe a few more laps, I thought to myself.. The water seemed to curve gently around me, relaxing and soothing.
Suddenly I heard the noise, glass breaking. Hurriedly I swam towards the edge , knowing my boys were alone inside the house. My heart was racing, fear for my children. Like any female animal, motherhood, instinct takes over. There is no way to avoid it. You can feel your heart race, the adrenalin is kicking in. Without the male as the protector, you can not possibly imagine what the female of the species can do. And somehow I knew, I was about to find out. Also I knew that if I barged through the kitchen door, I might just scare whoever was inside my home. But would they in turn hurt my kids. The thoughts are racing in my head, the instinct we are born with takes over. Quietly but quickly I slipped out the side pool room door, working my way towards their room from the outside. I tripped over a shovel that had been carelessly left by the back door, I thanked God it was there. Again I heard the sound of breaking glass and the banging of something. The night became deathly quiet, except for an occasional leaf beneath my foot.
The front of the house was dark except for a dim light coming from the kitchen window. It was now deathly quiet. I don't really know what happens to the human body in times like this, but I can tell you one thing. Your almost running on automatic. Its like a quest, a job you know you must do and somehow nothing else matters. I listened intently for any other movement, sound or voices from my home. Nothing.
I raised the shovel, like a baseball player waiting for that perfect pitch.
The boy's bedroom window was within view. bending down to hide my form from view I made my way closer to look inside. The room was dark, nothing.
I listened intently, waiting again for some kind of sound. My hand touched the front door knob and I slowly turned it. "Locked! I demanded an answer from myself. This time I ran, I had to get inside, I had to get to the boys. I knew I had left the pool room open, I would go in, I would find a way to save them. I tripped again, this time on a big wheeled tricycle, cursing under my breath.
Gripping the door handle I slowly turned it, The sounds from the tumblers seeming to echo in the night air. Some how I knew, I had been heard.
Without saying a word I slowly opened the door, my shovel waiting to make contact with my enemy. The enemy of my children.
The heavy door creaked as slowly it opened completely. There I stood, half naked, brandishing a shovel, prepared to do battle, with whatever threatened the lives of my children. My feet, covered in mud slowly moved up the stairs into the hallway, the kitchen lay just ahead of me and beyond it my children's room.
Now I could hear voices, faint but inside just the same. My heart was racing my breathing was irregular and deliberate. I had to be sure, no one heard me.
The shovel felt like part of my body, poised and ready for action. I used my foot to open the kitchen door slightly and maybe catch a glimpse of whoever waited inside.
I could hear a motor now, sowing down and pulling into the driveway, I knew it was Tom, it had to be him coming home from work. I was not in this alone.
I waited for a moment or tow and backed out of the door and hurriedly moved to exit. I had to let him know, to warn him.
The headlights brightly lit up the driveway and I made my way to him as quickly as I could.
“Tom!” I whispered as loudly as I thought safe..
“There’s someone in the house!”
Without a second thought or a missed motion, the shovel now lay in his hand. No words were spoked. He gently slipped his key into the lock, turning it slowly. Then without warning, he kicked! Too many years of Tae kwan doe. The door fell flat. A bang a thud and two screams in harmony.
“Mom! Dad! Hurry, someone’s gonna get us!” Tom ran to their bedroom door and with another swift movement another door gave way.
“There huddled in a corner were the boys. A broken window and a baseball bat lying there on the floor in front of them.
“Dad, I saw then, they was outside, they had a shovel! They was trying to get us dad!”
I looked at Husband and a horrible grin spread across my face.
“Okay guys, what happened with the baseball, who broke the window?”
Neither of them spoke at first then the oldest smiled.
“The bad guy with the shovel did it. We saw him! You saved us Dad! You saved us!”
I looked at my dear darling husband, left the room and the boys to him. Baseballs, broken windows and shattered nerves.
“My God!” I thought out loud, “What will happen when they both get to be ten!”
I sat at the kitchen counter, poured myself a beer and waited for Tom. Let him have these few moments with them.
I know if I go in there tonight, someone’s gonna die.”

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