Tuesday, August 16, 2005

okay, I goofed

Well I got a bit carried away. spent way too many minutes on Zoetrope and goofing off. Then some stupid bright idea that maybe aI should turn my book "The Henry" Into a screenplay. GREAT idea, I am a dummy. Downloaded a free trial software, suppose to be one of the best. Guess what, your still suppose to have some idea just what to do. Well now, maybe I should just stick to writing the books and let some wonderful person, who has some idea what they're doing do the screenplays. Lord help me, it made me so very tupid! Yes I meant to spell it that way. The Homeless on Vacation story is doing pretty good. already have my 5 reviews. I use to post stories alot on that great place until I realized I was never going to get an agent..why, guess it's because I really don't want one. I sure can't imagine going off to some book signing and leaving husband alone for the week end. no way.
So my next work should be done, if I can stay off Zoe for a few days. Then it's off to Virtual Bookworm. They did a great job with my last one. I am a bit dissapointed with Iuniverse. I haven't seen a royalty staement in a year. Yes I checked. My books have sold. My goodness I can buy one on Ebay. Goodness.
Well, live long and be Phosporus..yes I meant to say that
God Bless

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