Sunday, August 07, 2005

A great Sunday morning to you

A fine Sunday this is for sure. Spent a lot of time last evening discussing how to turn my book into a screenplay. Might be fun, I decided to let one of the people from the Zoe board do it. See how it looks and maybe Query it some. Having never done a script, It should be a whole new experince. Will the story still be true, will it be just as good. I can hardly wait to see the results. So far a couple people have inquired but they want 50% of whatever I sell it for, if it sells. Hmmm, wonder what they are worth anyway.
I'm in the process of revising again.. my 3rd book, just when I think I'm finished, a whole new twist and a few pages later I'm still revising. I love it so far. Its one of the stories I put away after writing a few years back and it's been on my mind so much lately that I just had to get it back out. I am so glad I did. I look at the original manuscript and boy am I glad I didn't query it out there. Well, enough for today. I hope all your writing today is wonderful. May the Good Lord keep you safe.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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