Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, lets make a long story short and tell you what I learned today. Screenwriting is for screenwriters! A big Duh!!
I downloaded a free sample of a marvelous software for SP and then figured it out, if you have no idea what to do first, it might as well be in a foriegn language. So I'll just stick to my books, short stories and stuff. Who knows, maybe someone will take a book of mine and make a screenplay, weirder things have happend now haven't they.
About my story on Zoe,, 6 reviews 30+ reads and still 19 days away. Still getting great comments from most whop read. They'll always be... ya know..tupid people! Yep I spelled it wrong on purpose. Well, have a great day today and thanks for stopping by.
God bless

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