Sunday, October 17, 2010

writing ideas

People always wonder, where do I come up with this stuff. Here's a fun story how it works, sometimes. The other day on Facebook a friend posted about Nutmeg, how if taken in the die. Now who thought up trying that? So we began posting silly know, hey thanks, now I can have fun killing off who ever, hey we could write a story! So one by one everyone started posting ideas they liked. I said, lets do it at camp! I go to rendezvous and a perfect setting. So before the day was over I wrote it..posted it on facebook...oh it was such fun. See, an idea can come from anywhere. Even a silly post on FB. So next time you are anywhere, listen to what folks are saying...An idea may just pop into your head. What if? What happens then? Solve the conflict..That is how a short story or book is born. If, Then Else.. Have fun, play!

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