Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday, wow.It rocks!

So, I'm heading over to the Springs one day this week, movie camera in hand. Got a great idea about a story, so..I'm going to make a youtube video about it. Lots of mini clips so I can piece them together. After the video is made I'll use it to fleah out my story. So my synopsis will be in video form. I think it just might work! What kind of story? Well, sci fi, spooky ghost story perhaps. Depends on what footage I get. If I can find a diver there, might just talk him into getting me some clips from the blue hole..add some spooky artifacts!
When you have an idea for a story, use whatever it takes to make the story alive inside you. It'll come down on paper so much better. Well, so much for trying to explain..I do believe I'm a lost cause. Have a fantastic day world!

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