Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Wednesday world

I'm still writing, still driving people crazy with my words. That's my job, who else is gonna make people laugh with all the political crap going on.
Have any of you considered ebooks? I know I've mentioned it already but seriously. On the writers website, which will remain..well anyway, so many are bound and determined to wait for an agent. In the meantime, they send their words off to ezines etc for free. Wait a min. I can post a story for free an ebook. Why not get your name out there in the world, the chances of an agent reading you are even better that way. It's a huge slush pile now matter where you submit. Me? I'm gonna keep slugging along..collect my monthly royalty checks ( which gets me a pizza and a beer) LOL.
Think about what you really want..go after it, before time passes you by.
Now, get out there and have fun. Write if you feel like it, go play if that's what makes your heart smile.
Life my friends is gonna be exactly what you want it to be.
Got it?

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