Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alien Memoirs, ufo abductees handbook

So that's the title of the newest book to be released from Steelmoon publishing. If you ever wanted to know whats going to happen to you during an alien abduction, well this is for you. It covers what to wear, what to do and what not to do when they show up at your house. It's a humorous look at an alien who is retiring and gives you all the In's and outs from his long and illustrious life. It's not making fun of actual abductees its all from the aliens point of view. Ever wonder how the pyramids were really built, he explains it all. Crops circles? Yeah, they're in there too. This is what happens when that same "What if" scenario is used. Go to amazon and they have a few pages you can read, see if it gets your interest and if just the beginning will start you smiling.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ever wonder what would happen if...

Now that's a great way to start a book or short story. If you haven't a clue about what you want to write but have this need to do it, this is a thought that can take you pages and pages into a strange world. Remember how the other day we talked scifi and ray guns and the like? Back when star trek was a baby we all dreamed that thought. Turns out when the kids grew up they made a lot of what ifs" reality. Cell phone, space flight, satellites microwave oven, the list goes on. You can do that with a story idea. What if a strawberry was cloned with a Venus Fly trap and..hmm, human DNA. That is the makin's of a great story, almost make you laugh, monster. Funny, sure. Until the strawberry eats someone, lures a berry lover to his doom. See what I mean? So go ahead, next time you are bored, need to scribble some words down for sanity's sake. Think, what if.
Don't blame me when 50,000 words later you and your creature are still stalking the underground transit systems of New York. Okay, it's Saturday. Go out there and do something, take a notebook just in case you happen to spot it. Spot "What If."

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2008, lets make a fun change here

Every time I get the chance I'm going to help all you scifi writers get the idea what really makes it scifi. You don't have to be a science wizard to make your story believable what you do have to do is make your reader think it is. Lets consider laser guns, now we all know there isn't really a laser gun, or is there. Think of taser, I can make a big guy unconsious with one. So, we have an idea what one would do on stun. now that can make it believable. Does your character carry it in a holster, does he or she need one. Thats up to you to decide. But what we really want here is to make your reader believe it. Become the character as you write, turn on some good scfi music, get lost in your world. Take us there with you. Put some science into that story, scifi is calling you.